Vital statistics
Position Grand Shaper of Elloweer (formerly)
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

About Callista Edit

Callista was the grand shaper of Elloweer before the High King took over the whole of the Outskirts. Callista specializes in making masks with enchantments on them so that they turn the wearer into whatever the mask represents like a lion, bird, knight, or even a clown. She used to live at the bottom of Fog Lake prior to her death.

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Appearances in the books Edit

In Book 2, Rogue Knight, Trillian guides Cole and his friends to her by giving them a small seeming named Spark who guides them through Fog Lake to her house. She gives all of them masks to help them defeat Morgassa and she joins them herself to fight against Morgassa. In the fight against Morgassa her shaping power is cut, and she is killed. When she dies, she appoints Skye to be her replacement.

In Book 4, Death Weavers, Cole meets her echo, restores her power, and takes her to fight Nazeem/Ramarro at the Fallen Temple. She is able to turn into a puma and coach Cole through using his power as he saves his friends from their prisons. When everyone alive returns to the living world, she was left behind in spirit Necronum.

Appearance Edit

She is medium height and bony with wild blue hair and large earrings that may have been made of turtle shells. She is about sixty years old and her hands appear to be older than her face.

Personality Edit

She is kind and helpful as long as you eat and enjoy her lively (literally) food and accept her hospitality. However, she is a very powerful shaper, and won't hesitate to use her powers on those she sees as foes.

Character history Edit

She was once a powerful person in the five kingdoms before the High King's overthrow when she was cast out. She went to Trillian the Torivor to recieve more training in shaping before moving to Fog Lake.