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One of the Five Kingdoms, possibly the one with pockets outside of normal spacetime. The Wayminders come from Creon. This kingdom will likely be featured in Book 5, where Cole is likely to exercise some power over spacetime. Also Creon is the kingdom where you can shape time as proven because of the prison they put Ramaroo or Nazeem in. We also know that the High Shaper is supposibly the only person who can help Cole and his friends return to earth. The Grand Shaper of Creon is on the Unseens side unlike the Grand Shaper of Zeropolis. We know this because of Dandalus. Also we know from educadid geuss that Nazeem is likey to escape and Cole is likey to challenge him because he can use raw shaping. It is also likley that Cole will figure out how to make stuff and not only destroy stuff with his power. Also a question since Shapecraft comes from Nazeem and Nazeem uses raw shaping can Cole also use Shapecraft. I hope we will find out in the next book.