A protector of Mira and thus opposed to the High King. He was Mira's second protector after Roderick, finding Mira by following the star which Harmony had placed above her.

Durny worked with the Sky Raiders for a short time. As a powerful shaper, he often traveled. This is why he is able to buy Cole when he, Ed, and Vidal pass Ansel's caravan.

Durny is kind and caring, though initially he may seem gruff. Though he did work for the Sky Raiders, he needed to see to Mira to make sure she was safe. He has some shaping ability and served as the Sky Raiders' top shaper, where he used his specialty to create jumping swords.

He died on a mission to a floating castle—when crushed by a giant tarantula, he reshaped himself in order to buy time so that he could create a new craft that Miracle Pemberton (Mira) and Cole Randolph could use to escape the castle.

His echo is later found at the Hall of Glory where Cole arrives in the echolands. Durny introduces Cole to Harvan Kane a helpful echo protagonist. While Cole sets out to find Destiny, Durny goes to find and attempt a save at Mira. He fails and is later freed by Cole.