A place for echoes, it is an in-between place that will prepare them for the afterlife. The entire Outskirts is built is in the echolands. Everything in the echolands has its own music, even echoes. A common misconception is that the echolands is in Necronum, but the echolands actually stretches on and on way farther than Necronum. It is unknown how big the echolands is, but it gradually fades away into the Other.

History Edit

Dandalus, Gwendolyn, Vershaw, Kendo, and the two other founders of the Outskirts left their worlds and came to the echolands. They attempted to make a new world but failed twice, because Outsiders would destroy it. On the third attempt, they were able to make the Outskirts by separating shaping abilities into different kingdoms. They also separated the physical Outskirts from the echolands, to prevent echoes from interacting with humans too directly. However, the founders did not want permanent separation, so they created temples and the Shiver Moon.

Locations Edit

  • Channels are streams of ether that flow away from the Source and towards the Other.
  • The Source is the center of the echolands, where all channels flow away from.
  • The Hall of Glory is a huge building for the most heroic men and women.
  • Deepwell is a former village converted into a stronghold for shapecrafters.
  • Charnel Houses are structures where dead echoes are taken to.
  • The Deadlands is a place where dead echoes get drawn to.
  • All other structures in Necronum have a version in the physical world and the echolands.