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The Five KingdomsEdit

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Cole Randolph was just trying to have fun with his friends on Halloween. But their trip to a neighborhood haunted house turns out to be the start of a wild adventure when Cole watches his friends being whisked away through a mysterious passage.

Cole dives in after them, only to emerge somewhere that's very clearly no longer Mesa, Arizona. He soon learns he's come to a place called The Outskirts.

Made up of Five Kingdoms, The Outskirts lies between wakefulness and dreaming, reality and imagination, life and death. It's an in-between place. Some people are born there. Some find there way there way there from our world, or from other worlds. The balance of power in the Five Kingdoms is becoming unstable. It's up to Cole and an unusual girl he meets there named Mira to rescue his friends, set things right in The Outskirts, and hopefully find his way back home.

  • Book 4:Death WeaversGo to Book 4:Death Weavers
  • Book 3: Crystal KeepersGo to Book 3: Crystal Keepers
  • Book 1: Sky RaidersGo to Book 1: Sky Raiders
  • Book 2: The Rogue KnightGo to Book 2: The Rogue Knight
  • MiraGo to Miracle Pemberton
  • ColeGo to Cole Randolph

There are currently four of five books published in the Five Kingdoms series.

To get started, try exploring the Five Kingdoms or meeting some of the Major Characters.

Five Kingdoms have also included characters from the Beyonders book series.

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