About Joe Edit

An emissary from Harmony. He comes to the Sky Raiders to bring Miracle to Elloweer to rescue Honor. However, he is interrupted by an army from the High King who came to capture Mira. After Mira defeats Carnag, he catches up with her and delivers the message. He joins the Mira, Cole Randolph, Jace, and Twitch as they head to Elloweer.

Appearance Edit

He is of medium height with short hair. The book describes him as in his mid thirties.

Character History Edit

Joe originally comes from Earth - Monterrey California. He was walking on the beach when a way minder opened a portal to Earth and was sucked in. He told Cole and Dalton that he managed to get back home once but he was sucked back to the outskirts quickly. He lived in Zeropolis before coming to Sambria.

His Story Edit

Joe lived in Monterrey California. He worked as a paramedic and part time studio musician. He was engaged to a girl named Gwen. One day he accidentally got sucked into the outskirts. The guilty Wayminder apologized and set him up in Zeropolis with some credits and an id after a failed attempt to go home. He joined up with the Unseen and they hooked him up with a thruport with which he could spy on his previous fiance. He concocted a crazy plan to hire a Wayminder and kidnap her to live with him in the outskirts. He almost succeeded but in the end could not do it. So he came back and got busted for being with the unseen. He quickly left Zeropolis thereafter on a mission to find Miracle.