About Madeline Edit

Lady Madeline or Madeline Ryland is the mother of Skye Ryland and a very powerful person in Elloweer's capital: Merriston. Lady Madeline refers to her daughter as Skylark. She has a butler named Jepson and a guard dog named Kimber.

Inheritance Edit

Lady Madeline inherited her estate and riches from her father, who was a banker. The Ryland family, however, got most of its riches from Skyes great grandfather, who was a beloved alderman.

Appearances in the books Edit

Skye tricks her mother into getting her a job at Merriston's best confidence lounge The Silver Lining so that they can rescue Dalton.

Captured Edit

Skye learns from Jepson that she was captured by Enforcers and the Hunter.

Appearance Edit

She is old, with painted eyebrows and a gray pile of hair pinned at the top of her head, she is slightly plump. She wears many rings on her fingers and gems dangle from her earlobes. She carries a black cane, although she doesn't need it.

Personality Edit

She is very bitter and unwilling. She is resentful towards her daughter for siding with the unseen and makes it very clear that she disaproves completely of her daughter.