Fun fact: Mira started out as a scout but she showed shaping abilities and started training with Durny, the top shaper in Skyport. Shaping is a lot like magic. Depending on ability, Shapers can create semblances that act like humans or animals and they can create special objects, like Cole’s jumping sword.

Mira is the first friend Cole makes in the Outskirts and she teaches him a lot about the Five Kingdoms. Mira, and her many secrets, will be a big part of Cole’s quest to find his friends.  

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Mira is relatively Cole’s height. When he first met Mira at Skyport, she was wearing corduroy pants, a collared shirt, boots, and suspenders printed with shamrocks. Mira is usually not very clean; she's covered by a thin layer of dirt and dust due to her training when she's at Skyport. She has brown hair that's chopped mid length her back, pretty gray eyes and a cute face.


Miracle has more courage than Cole, and she's technically much older by experience, even though they're about the same age. She states she's only been eleven for a long time. Miracle is kind-hearted, intelligent, and brave. Her main goal is to find her sisters, defeat her father, and restore order in The Outskirts. It was clear she was devastated when Durny died; however, she got over it quickly. This was probably due to her watching people age while time stopped for her. She tends to act logical and even so, rash, which may be a habit of being an exiled princess. In Death Weavers, it is shown even more how much she cares for her friends and family. Throughout the book, she worries more than usual for her sisters and is comforted by Cole twice when they go off alone together and she begins to cry. She also cares about Cole more deeply than she lets on and sacrifices her lifespark for him to stay alive.

Character HistoryEdit

Miracle is the daughter of the High Shaper and Harmony. The High Shaper tried to fake the five princesses' (Elegance, Honor, Constance, Destiny, and Miracle) deaths by "dramatically" making a carriage plunge into a rolling river. After making everyone believe the girls were dead, he locked Miracle and her sisters in a dungeon. However, Harmony helped her daughters escape. Even so, the High Shaper took their powerful shaping powers, including Miracle's.

It is also said that because her shaping skills were taken, along with the other princesses, their aging had stopped.



Durny was Miracle's second protector. He cared for Miracle, and he found her when Harmony sent him with a star above Miracle to find her. Durny died trying to help Cole and Miracle escape from Parona; if they had stayed, they would have crashed into the Eastern Cloudwall (which is confusing-Declan was in the Western Cloudwall, and found Lyrus there, concluding that Parona crashed into the Eastern Cloudwall. Yet, according to Durny, they appear from the Western Cloudwall and disappear into the Eastern Cloudwall). That evidently meant death to them at the time.

Cole RandolphEdit

Mira first met Cole when he had first arrived at Skyport. She helped him pick out clothing and a weapon on his first day. Throughout book 1 they became close friends and Mira promised to help him find his friends after she defeats Carnag. It is suggested throughout the series that Mira may have a crush on Cole because she is described multiple times as blushing at Cole.

Sky Raiders

Mira kissed Cole on the cheek after he risked his life for her. He "found it difficult to breathe properly," "had never felt more self-conscious, or more pleased," and "spread into a big goofy smile." They met eyes and glance at each other a couple of times too, and Mira placed her hand on his arm. Mira defended Cole from Jace by saying that he has saved her life more than once. To quote her, "Cole has saved my life more than once. Not just the cyclops. Remember when he came to the common room with his bow? That was the time to act." and "[to Jace] You could learn a lot from Cole."

Before they talked to Quima, Mira told Cole, "You really were a lifesaver," resulting to him blushing. They had hugged a twice in chapter 35.

Excerpts from Sky Raiders:

"We'll help you find them [referring to Dalton and Jenna] ," Mira said, rubbing Cole's shoulder. I promised to help you. I haven't forgotten."

Mira hugged him tightly. Cole tried to avoid eye contact with Jace. "I'd hate to loose you. You saved us back there. You saved me. Cole, if I live forever, I'll never be able to thank you enough."


Mira had know Jace since he had first came to Skyport, so they were friends long before Cole had shown up and they began on their journey. Though they're good friends, they often bicker and tend to try and claim dominance over one another. But they always have each other's backs, often fighting together in a battle. Back at Skyport, Jace often pestered her when she seemed distraught and even went to the extent to blame Cole. Even though he has denied many times, it is shown that Jace has a crush on her.


Miracle had a less obvious name during the first twenty years, but then when people began to forget, she used the nickname her family used: Mira.

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