Morgassa is Brady's shaping ability that took over a human to become a monster. Morgassa was based on Brady's worst memory, his teacher Mrs. Morgan. Morgassa went around Elloweer taking over peoples bodies with figments until stopped by Cole and his friends.

Encounters Edit

Book 2: Rogue Knight Edit

Morgassa appears as the main enemy in book 2. She was terrorizing all of Elloweer. Cole and his friends used enchanted masks given to them by Callista to defeat her. In the middle of the battle, Cole's shaping powers unlocked and he activated his Jumping Sword and Jace's rope. In the end, Honor used Verity to kill her.

Appearance Edit

Morgassa is dressed like a teacher as she was based on Brady's old teacher. Her hair is in a bun, and she wears flat black shoes, a white blouse, dark stockings and a long gray skirt. Morgassa is 8 feet tall and surrounded by figments: empty figments to take over people she comes across and figments that have already taken over someone.