As each of the Five Kingdoms has its own form of Shaping, the inhabitants of Necronum practice the shaping power known as Weaving, and are likewise called Weavers.

Weaving is the shaping art that involves communicating, and even controlling, the souls of the dead. Every person has what is called an Echo, which is akin to a spirit or ghost that can only be seen in the spirit version of Necronum called the Echolands, or certain temples located throughout the mortal realm.

It is also seen that weavers can paralyze enemies, by using their will to stop them. But it is possible for the target if they have a stronger will to paralyze the weaver. For example, Sando was able to paralyze Cole and his friends without losing focus, and even held power over their echoes when he forced them into the spirit realm.

A person via Weaving can enter the Echolands, where all Echos exist before they eventually move on to what is known as the Other. However, this does not mean that they will be in the afterlife. The Other is what comes next after death, but many Echos try to avoid going to the Other for as long as possible for a myriad of reasons, almost all of them tying to the living world. Unfinished business or strong relationships left behind in the mortal realm are prime examples of an echo's motivation to resist the Other. Weavers will often use these to their advantage, to maintain a strong will that helps pull them back to the mortal world.

Some more experienced weavers can cross the boundaries at will or even bring others through it. The person will be seen more prominently and is called a "bright echo".

A person can become an Echo either through death or using Weaving to go into a coma-like state, and their spirit will go to the Echolands as the body retains what is called the lifespark, or just spark. This is the lifeforce which keeps the comatose connected to their body and the living world. If the body dies, the spark is gone, and the Echo can't return to the living world. Or, if something happened that resulted in the destruction or fading of an Echo, the lifespark is snuffed out and the Echo lose its connection to the body, which dies in the living world. Only strong Weaving can keep a comatose body alive for more than a few days.