Hi everyone, this is a page where we can try and make a map of the Outskirts. you can write about whatever kingdoms you want, describe how you imagine it! Have fun with it, hope you like it.


Sambria is the first kingdom we see in Five Kingdoms, specifically Sky Raiders. Shapers here can create things out of thin air, known as Shaping.They can use this ability to transform things, like changing a vase to a sword. They can also create beings called semblances. Semblances are creatures that look like any other. Sambria has no ground, creating necessity for floating boats. There are two Cloudwalls. Floating castles are created in the eastern one, and are swallowed by a vortex in the western one. It was theorized and proven by Cole that the castles were all made by Dandalus for someone to confront Ramarro. However, it was proven by Cole and his allies that the Grand Shaper or Sambria, Declan, and his allies were living behind the western cloudwall. The princess able to shape here is Miracle Pemberton, who's rogue shaping power became the monster Carnag.


Elloweer is the second kingdom, seen in Rogue Knight. The shaping here creates illusions, known as Enchantings. The princess able to shape here is Honor Pemberton, who's shaping power became the heroic Rogue Knight. The creator of Brady’s wilderness in Sambria, Brady, had lost his power as well and his power became the evil witch Morgassa, who is eventually defeated by the Rogue Knight and Cole and his friends.


Zeropolis is the third kingdom, seen in Crystal Keepers. Where as most kingdoms are medieval, Zeropolis is more advanced than Earth. Robots roam the streets just as people do. Old Zeropolis was more like Earth, with technology just being developed.  One of the first computers, Aeronomatron, took over many technological devices, and started a war that resulted in robots being treated unfairly and robots with AI being feared. Shaping here involves transferring energy to crystals and tuning said crystals to specific harmonies, known as Harmonizing.  The princess here is Constance Pemberton, whose power became the dangerous computer, Roxie. Computers here are linked with those of Earth.


Necronum is the fourth kingdom, seen in Death Weavers. Shapers can communicate with and temporarily become echoes, spirits that roam the Outskirts. This form of shaping is known as Weaving. They can also predict some possible futures. The princess able to shape here is Destiny Pemberton, whose power became the Mare, also known as Thunder.


Creon is the fifth kingdom, seen in the final book, Time Jumpers. Shapers can teleport by shaping time and space to teleport, known as Wayminding. Some, known as Wayminders, help teleport anyone there. Some can even teleport to other worlds, including Earth. There is a Mindscreen that will not allow anyone to completely remember memories formed in Creon. If you write something and bring it with, it will appear in Creonese. The princess who can shape here is Elegance Pemberton. Her power became the Perennial Serpent, also known as Peya. She believed this to be false, however, because the Serpent attacked a century ago. This is only possible because in Creon, Time travel is possible. This is also how many Grand Shapers can stay alive for long periods of time. There is a special path known as the Pilgrim Path. It will allow one to go to Earth, but they will forget everything about the Outskirts.


Junction is the place at the center between kingdoms. Shaping there is weaker than in each shaping variant's usual area. Harmony and Stafford Pemberton live here.