Map of Sambria

One of the Five Kingdoms. It is the kingdom lying in-between wakefulness and dreaming. It is the part of The Outskirts "most susceptible to deliberate physical tampering" (1:69). There are at least 20 moons that appear in Sambria's sky. Sambria is the main setting for Sky Raiders.

Declan is the Grand Shaper of Sambria.

Locations Edit

The Brink Edit

A cliff along the edge of Sambria. It lies between the Eastern Cloudwall and the Western Cloudwall. Castles float near the bring between the two cloudwalls. The Sky Raiders raid the castles for goods. No one has ever reached the bottom of the cliff, and there is speculation that there is no bottom and that instead the world simply ends. Nor does anyone know what lies beyond the Brink, out into the clouds.

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