Sando was Nazeem or Ramaro's second command in the Echolands and Ramaro tells Cole that if Owandell was his right hand man then Sando was his left hand man. Sando played as a nice Echo and led Cole off the trails at a shrine, and made a deal with him that gave him a lead on Destiny but did not allow him to tell his friends about him, and that he must deliver a Ringer to anyone he wants at anytime he asks and he will not harm nor serve anyone else till them. Sando warns Cole of Enforcers twice but on the second time he leads him on a small isolated trail near a Weaver he worked with named Tuto who pertended to be part of the Unseen and helps them in Gamat Rue. But when Sando tells Cole to give the Ringer to Jace at Gamat Rue he is free to attack and tells Tuto to bind Cole and his friends. He tricks Nadavi steal Jace's, Joe's and Mira's Lifespark or Soul. Hunter, Dalton and Cole get free. Hunter tells Cole that he reached out to a prisoner at Gamat Rue who was sympathetic and told him Destiny was at the Temple of the Robust Sky.