The magic of The Outskirts. It is "the ability to rearrange things and to imbue them with new qualities" (1:69). The Shaping power is different in each of the Five Kingdoms. "Almost everyone has at least a little shaping talent. Having absolutely none is less common than having a lot" (1:274).

People who come from Earth "have more shaping potential than the average citizen born [in the Outskirts],…People who come here voluntarily from [Earth], rather than by accident or compulsion, tend to have far greater ability than most." These people are "much more likely to develop more than one kind of shaping talent, and those talents tend to be unusually strong. But the abilities take longer to show up" (1:273–274).

Types Edit

Sambria Edit

Sambrian shaping is used mainly to give items special abilities or to create things. For more information go to Sambrian Shaping

Elloweer Edit

In Elloweer, shaping is referred to as enchanting, and is generally used to create illusions or modify living beings. For more information go to Ellowine Enchanting

Zeropolis Edit

In Zeropolis, shaping is referred to as tinkering. Tinkering is generally used to create building materials or is used as a power source. For more information to to Zeropolis Shaping

Necronum Edit

In Necronum, shaping is called Weaving and shapers called Weavers, used in general to commune with the dead, and in some cases control the dead. For more information, go to Necronum Weaving.

Creon Edit

In Creon, shaping is called Wayminding (They call it "minding" for short like how death weaving is weaving). It can be used in any kingdom. The shapers are called Wayminders. They can open a gateway to our world for a short amount of time. (This is what allows thruports to work in Zeropolis)

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