Originally known as Gwendolyn, the first Grand Shaper of Necronum and the guardian of the Echolands against an unknown "supreme evil."


Along with Dandalus, she was one of the six founders of The Outskirts. She became the first Grand Shaper of Necronum. She is called "She Who Stands at the Summit" because of her vigilance at the summit of the Farthest Mountain in the Echolands.

Regarding her post, she explained, "I gaze out beyond the fringe, awaiting the supreme evil that departed ages ago. One day it shall return. We will destroy each other, and I will at long last leave the echolands behind" (4:354). She can never look away, because "the evil I await will come swiftly. I must never divert my attention" (4:355). She has been at her post "since not long after the Outskirts began" (4:355). It is unknown what evil she means.

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