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Fun fact: Ruben is Twitch’s real name but he got the nickname because he’s jumpy and flinches a lot.

Twitch is scout like Jace and Cole but is very different from them. He likes to keep his head down and stay out of trouble. Like Mira, Twitch has some secrets he keeps from the inhabitants of Skyport. For one thing, he won’t reveal what his special item for scouting is to anyone.

(-via The Five Kingdoms Website)

Twitch is From Elloweer. His real name is Ruben. He is a former slave of the Sky Raiders and a friend of Cole Randolph, Miracle, and Jace.

He was a slave of the Sky Raiders, having been captured while he was adventuring from Elloweer on an important mission. He was nicknamed Twitch because he is jumpy and flinches a lot. He chose a special object and would not tell anyone what it was.

Appearance Edit

Short and skinny with blue eyes.. Though he’s Cole age, he looks much younger.

During his escape from the Sky Raiders, it was revealed that the object is a ring that allows him to retake his natural form, which is grinaldi. They have wings that are used for hopping, not flying long distances. He has a quartet of translucent wings, and his legs are like those of a grasshopper.


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