Hi, guys! We currently have no active admin/s on this wiki and I would like to know if anyone else besides myself wishes to adopt this wiki. The founder and current inactive admin of this wiki is Monsunogirl who's last edit was on January 15, 2014 as stated here.

People who have left a message on his/her Message Wall have also not been replied to, including an anonymous contributor who had asked for admin rights last year. I can only assume that he/she is inactive. 

The active users I've been seeing are mostly all wikia contributors.

I would like to adopt this wiki so it can be updated and edited more, hopefully I will be able to make it more active. If anyone wishes to adopt the wiki as well, please comment down below! :)

Have a nice day!

Edit: I was supposed to keep this post up for a week but seeing as only I and User:StarlightWriter are interested in taking over the wiki, I will be adopting it and give her admin rights. Hopefully we'll get the wiki to be more active and organized. I hope you guys are alright with this! (I'll be sending the request soon.)

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