Zeropolis is the third kingdom that Cole Randolph visits. It has technology that is inspired by and greatly superior to that of Earth. Zeropolis inhabitants use things called thruports to access the internet and communicate with the people of Earth. It is the current home of Joe MacFarland, though he originates from Earth. Cole is almost captured when he saves Joe, but a robot named Sidekick saves him. Sidekick leads him to Datapoint, who owns another kid from earth named Blake Daniels. Blake makes a cube that opens a secret door where they find Aero, a supercomputer that wants to kill everyone. When Cole returns he is captured by the Hunter, who is actually Cole's older brother (named Hunter) who had been sucked into The Outskirts like Cole. Hunter helps Cole so that he can find Constance Pemberton, but they find out that another supercomputer named Roxie is protecting her and turns into a giant dragon. Blake gets Aero into Roxie and he leads them into old Zeropolis, another older city that is just piles of rubble. Sidekick turns into a giant bomb, and both Roxie and Aero are gone in the blast.